Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding
What is Bonding Application? 
Aesthetic Smile Design Application
Bonding is a process of changing the shape of a tooth by applying some materials onto the surface of the tooth using an adhesive system, all in one session. Bonding application is a technique that can be performed in aesthetic dentistry. The most important thing in bonding application is the dentist's knowledge and skill. Bonding application is often preferred in aesthetic smile design.

Bonding is commonly used to close gaps between teeth. It is a method applied to close the gaps between a few teeth or a single tooth. After the bonding application, teeth change color just like other teeth. Polishing is applied to the teeth to ensure resistance against staining. Stains caused by smoking, tea, cola and coffee can be removed by routine dental cleaning. Bonding can be re-applied to teeth where bonding has been previously applied. Bonding can be applied to people of all ages.

Bonding is used when porcelain veneers cannot be applied to a person, especially in young people with a broken tooth caused by trauma or falling. Bonding can be applied to a tooth that is half broken. Bonding application is a minimal invasive application, meaning it is a method of sticking the material onto the tooth without damaging the tooth. In most cases, it is a method applied only to the gap or the broken part of the tooth. Therefore, bonding is a completely protective application for the tooth.